Project Infinity Session 2







Chess Club Neeta Czarzasty 310 Monday
Battle of the Books 2 Neeta  York Library Monday
Dance Club Neeta Reid 309 Tuesday
Readers Theater Nokomis Gillet 509 Tuesday
Rocketry Challenge Neeta Heggan/Agin 208 Tuesday
Fencing Neeta Meakim Vaughn Hall Tuesday
Lego Nokomis Cona 516 Tuesday
Lego Neeta Kocher 306 Tuesday
7th/8th Grade Movie Analysis Neeta Kocher 306 Tuesday LUNCH
6th Grade Improv Club Neeta Czarzasty 310 Tuesday LUNCH
Yoga Club Neeta Coughlin 309 Wednesday
Battle of the Books 1 Neeta York Library Thursday
Robotics Neeta Heggan 209 Thursday
Newspaper Club Neeta Leone 115 Thursday
Fencing Neeta Meakim Vaughn Hall Thursday
Kids Art Club Nokomis Palmer 520 Thursday

Students with all A’s! A Special Breakfast with the Superintendent....


   Congratulations to All!



Due to technical difficulties until further notice the Thursday Broadcast email will only be available on the website. 


Thursday Information Packet Archive


Anti-Bullying Coordinator 

Carole Ramage

609-654-0991 x 502

Anti-Bullying Specialists


Sarah Brier

609-654-5155 x 514


Dr. Michael Lee

609-654-5155 x 

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