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Dance Club Neeta Barszczewski Tuesday  
MS Sports Club Neeta Czarzasty Tuesday  
Movie Analysis Neeta Czarzasty Thursday 5th Period Lunch
Chess Club Neeta Czarzasty Wednesday 5th Period Lunch
Kids Art Club Nokomis Gerber Tuesday  
Readers Theater Nokomis Gillet Tuesday  
Robotics Neeta Heggan Thursday  
Rocketry Challenge Neeta Heggan/Agin Tuesday  
Newspaper Club Neeta Leone Thursday  
Fencing Neeta Meakim Thursday  
Fencing Neeta Meakim Tuesday  
Lego Nokomis Cona Tuesday  
Lego Neeta Moorhead Wednesday  
Battle of the Books Neeta York Tuesday  
Pokémon Club Neeta Barszczewski Monday  

Spring Arts Night

Neeta School News: May 2017 Edition

Superintendent's Corner: May



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The Team America Rocketry Challenge

The Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC) is a rocket contest where students build/design/launch their very own rockets from scratch. In order to comply with the requirements for TARC, they need to keep their rockets under a certain gross weight/ reach a certain altitude (775 feet) and have it return to Earth within 41-43 seconds all the while having an egg survive the trip along with the rocket separating into two pieces at apogee. Both of those pieces need to descend with some sort of parachute/streamer. Students have been working on their rockets since November  and all qualifying scores need to be submitted by April 3rd. The top 100 scores in the nation closest to the height and time parameters will be invited to Washington for a final launch in May.







Dear Parents/Guardians,

Medford Lakes Public Schools invites you to apply for their Preschool program to be held at Nokomis School for the 2017-2018 school year.  The program is half-day, 5 days per week and follows the Curiosity Corner curriculum, one of the five approved programs used in the state of New Jersey. Curiosity Corner provides a developmental approach emphasizing language and literacy, as well as physical, emotional and interpersonal development, math, science, social studies, music, movement and art.  The literacy-focused, problem-solving program provides teachers and children with structured thematic units that include concrete, interactive experiences with detailed instructions and materials.  Effective instruction is built around the concept of cooperative learning within a carefully designed and supportive structure. 

An inclusion program serves children who are typically developing and children with special needs in a general education classroom with services delivered programmatically in the natural classroom environment.  For more information about NJDOE preschool curriculum, go to:

The current tuition is $3,000.00, and is subject to change.  Students will be selected on a lottery basis if necessary.  No transportation will be provided.  We are looking for typically-developing students who turn four by October 1, 2016 and are toilet trained.  

To apply for this program, complete the form below and please return by March 5, 2017 to the Child Study Team Office at Neeta School, 44 Neeta Trail, Medford Lakes, NJ 08055.  Notification of acceptance will be made by March 31, 2017.  Please contact the CST office at 609-654-5155 x101, if you need further information.

  Letter-InclusivePreschooEnrollmentLetter 2017-18


PHANATICS FOR READING: Phillies mascot books a visit with Medford Lakes students



Anti-Bullying Coordinator 

Carole Ramage

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Anti-Bullying Specialists


Sarah Brier

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Kelly Scapellato

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Readiness Assessment

Pre Algebra Readiness Assessment / Algebra Readiness Assessment study guide is now available.

 Pre algebra Assessment study guide 

Algebra Assessment Readiness study guide